Testimonials by Industry Analyst

Morgan Stanley

Teleran’s software suite addresses the challenges companies face today of managing the security, compliance, and productive use of enterprise applications. Teleran’s patented product suite combines unobtrusive auditing and real-time expert system-based policy enforcement, enabling organizations to cost effectively protect their business critical applications and data, comply with the increasing burden of regulatory compliance, and meet the ongoing mandate to reduce support costs and improve application performance.

Aberdeen Group

Even with considerable investment in time, skill, and money, enterprises have had a lot of difficulty in optimizing their data-intensive applications so that users receive their queries as quickly as possible. This goal is especially difficult to achieve, due to the numerous and changing queries run against the database and the relatively primitive nature of most optimization tools.

A company called Teleran Technologies is finally attacking this problem by offering a software package that centralizes the optimization function. Working with a wide variety of analytical tools and databases, the Teleran System reports on ways to improve the database design while using an expert system to automatically control and optimize queries. Managers interested in effectively tuning their entire application environment at minimal cost should give Teleran a close look.


The extraordinary growth of enterprise applications has created two problems that plague data centers: the data explosion and overwhelming traffic in unoptimized queries. Teleran will increasingly become a required component of these systems. With the addition of Teleran’s predictive, prescriptive, and preventive capabilities, customers will be able to keep data access from turning into data excess.

Frost & Sullivan

Teleran Technologies has made tremendous strides in the information management space. The company's SQL query management products are at the forefront of the space, pushing outward the frontiers of data warehousing management capabilities. Teleran is poised to leverage its technology into a market leadership role.

SG Cowen

Teleran has a proactive approach in tackling database performance as it deals with the source of many of the problems – the users. Teleran’s suite of software products can monitor database queries and automatically perform a number of performance enhancing actions. For example, it can block a runaway or resource intensive query and instruct the user to further constrain their request.

Perhaps most impressively, Teleran’s products can learn. Teleran software can analyze queries and discover patterns that it then uses to automatically create performance enhancing policies that can be activated. Teleran dramatically improves the overall performance of the database and decreases the time users’ wait for their queries to be completed.