Testimonials by Customers


I've learned more about the business use of our data warehouse from Teleran in two weeks than I knew about the system in the previous six months in my job.

Craig Kovar, manager data warehousing


Teleran offers us an intelligent approach to managing our users and business intelligence applications. Teleran’s user communications capability helps business users be more efficient and smarter in their use of information. And, iSight application usage reporting provides us with very tangible information that enables us to negotiate more favorable contracts with application vendors and reduce support costs.

Matt Pohl, Data Warehouse Director

Merrill Lynch

To effectively manage this critical resource, it is essential for us to understand who is using it, when, and how. With iSight, we are better equipped to meet business objectives by delivering the appropriate data in the right way. As our user community grows, iGuard policies have enabled us to guide and support more people at a reduced cost, maximizing the business value of our applications.

Joe Pomerantz, first vice president of global data management


Teleran iSight is our ‘eyes and ears’ to understand and optimize how our business users are leveraging our information.

Bob Sickenger, IT project lead

Praxim Group

Many software vendors claim they are 'there to help you when you need it.' Teleran's technical support group has delivered far beyond our best expectations. I have only great things to say about the way Teleran has supported our client.

Ted Alexander, Partner

Sun Microsystems

Teleran’s query profiling and controls help Sun meet its business-critical supply chain objectives.

Mike Regiliano, IT Manager