Teleran Solutions for Oracle Exadata


Three Key Solutions to Ensure Your Success with Exadata

Teleran offers unique software solutions that will ensure you deliver on the Exadata promise. These solutions include:

Deployment Accelerator for Exadata

Reduce Cost, Risk and Time to Deploy Exadata

The task of migrating and consolidating applications and data to Exadata is resource intensive and includes many manual steps that increase project cost, effort and time. Risks to this process include not fully understanding usage patterns of applications targeted for consolidation, underestimating the complexity of consolidating workloads, and not correcting application and database issues that impede Oracle Exadata performance.

The Teleran Deployment Accelerator for Exadata software enables you to reduce the cost, risk and time associated with migrating and consolidating databases and applications. Its Application Readiness Assessment, Workload Modeling and Benchmarking modules will save you man months of effort while lowering overall project risk and decreasing the time required to deliver Oracle Exadata value to the business. 

Key Features

  • Captures and models targeted application and data activity
  • Identifies application and database issues that will impede Exadata performance
  • Creates composite BI/DW application workload models for consolidations
  • Develops statistically representative benchmark tests
  • Models applications on all leading database platforms targeted for Exadata


“Teleran solutions for Oracle Exadata give customers greater transparency and visibility into their Oracle database environments making it easier, faster, and less costly to consolidate databases on Oracle Exadata. It is a strong complement to Oracle’s existing management tools.”

 Alan Manewitz, Director, Oracle EPM & Data Warehouse Solutions 

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for Exadata Solution

BI/Data Warehouse Visibility and Control for Exadata

Improve Performance, Business Productivity, and Business Alignment

Data warehouses are subject to unpredictable query patterns, changing user demands, and the inevitable user-created query problems that degrade performance, diminish productivity, and reduce service levels.

Teleran’s BI/Data Warehouse Visibility and Control for Exadata solution helps you meet these challenges. It delivers continuous visibility and control of activity at the user, application, query and data usage levels. This enables you to improve performance, increase business productivity, reduce operating costs and ensure that BI and data warehouse resources are appropriately aligned to business objectives.

Key Features

  • Identifies user and BI performance issues
  • Continuously captures activity across user, BI, query and data warehouse layers
  • Query policies protect system from harmful user behaviors
  • User messaging guides BI/data warehouse users
  • Requires no database agents that slow performance

“As Oracle data warehouses support rapidly increasing numbers of users, business functions and applications, organizations are seeking ways to reduce their support costs while improving overall service and value to the business. Teleran’s purpose-built BI/data warehouse management solution continuously tracks users and their business context, BI applications activity and data usage, complementing the native management capabilities of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.”

 Bob Stackowiak, VP, Oracle Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

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BI/Data Warehouse Compliance for Exadata

Ensure Comprehensive BI/Data Warehouse Audit and Policy Enforcement

Compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX and Basel II require organizations to audit and protect the use of sensitive data.  Because Oracle BI/data warehouse applications are now business-critical systems frequently containing sensitive data, they require effective compliance audit and policy enforcement to ensure these and other regulatory mandates are addressed.

Teleran’s BI/Data Warehouse Application Compliance solution is uniquely designed for the complexities and user-driven dynamics of BI/data warehouse environments. It continuously audits and controls how the data is accessed and used by whom, in what business context, and with what application. With Teleran’s comprehensive solution you can be assured that your Oracle BI/data warehouse assets are in compliance and protected.

Key Features

  • Audits user, application, query and data activity
  • Enforces data compliance policies in real-time
  • Alerts compliance staff of attempted violations
  • Identifies suspicious user or application behavior 
  • Delivers out-of-the-box compliance reports


“Teleran is the only vendor that provided us with a common compliance auditing and enforcement framework across all the data access applications and Oracle databases.”

 Compliance Director, Healthcare Provider

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“Are Data Warehouse Appliances in Your Future? Plan On It!” by Donald Feinberg Publication Date: 8 March 2010 ID Number: G00174689