Cloud Computing Assurance

Needed: Greater Assurance for the Cloud Environment

In an increasingly dynamic world, both businesses and government agencies are facing unprecedented and rapid changes to which they must respond with agility. According to Cameron Haight, Gartner analyst on virtualization and the cloud environment, organizations are moving to both public and private cloud environments to gain this agility, and to enable IT to respond quickly and with less cost to changing requirements. According to Haight, a critical inhibitor to cloud adoption is a lack of trust in virtual cloud environments, the underlying technical foundation of the cloud.

Organizations want greater assurance that they can reap the increased agility and lower cost benefits of the cloud environment by validating performance, security and manageability. As organizations are driven to place more mission-critical applications within cloud environments, they require greater assurance that these applications will deliver value and service to end users, while maintaining security and cost control.

Teleran’s Solution — Dynamic Application Management for the Cloud Environment

Teleran’s dynamic application management software solution assures performance and security for dynamic database-intensive applications in the cloud. Teleran’s solution tracks and analyzes all cloud application transactions to the back-end databases. It also manages users and application queries in real time with a query-policy-action engine that protects the database from rogue or performance-degrading queries. In addition, the policy engine controls and guides users with expert system-based messages to ensure a productive user experience and system resource efficiency.

Cloud environments are more remote from the end user than traditional client server systems. Because of this, it is more important to identify and manage who the end users really are, and to track and manage their use of the both the application and the underlying database. This helps to ensure performance, security and effective use of the application. Teleran’s identity-tracking feature enables IT to identify and manage users as they interact with underlying databases to deliver expected performance and security.


  • Extends visibility and control into the application and end-user layers in the cloud
  • Delivers assurance required to place mission-critical applications in the cloud
  • Ensures performance, security and service-level requirements are met
  • Improves IT staff productivity and enhances effective user experience through automated processes
  • Reduces system resource costs and increases operational efficiencies


Private Cloud Performance and Compliance Case Study

This large insurance company was seeking to take advantage of cloud computing’s scalability, agility and efficiency by hosting several internal applications in a private cloud environment.  Phase one of this project included setting up the multitenant environment and hosting several analytical and customer service applications used by three of the company’s operating divisions.