Visibility and Control for Analytical, BI, Data Warehousing and Big Data

Improving the Performance, Value and Cost Effectiveness of Business-Critical Applications

Analytics, business intelligence (BI), data warehousing and big data environments are highly dynamic query environments. Unanticipated user demands, unpredictable ad hoc analyses, rapidly changing query patterns and the inevitable user generated query problems create dynamic and hard to manage systems. The net result: missed service levels, wasted IT resources, frustrated business users and negative business impact. IT organizations have few tools to address these dynamic challenges and ensure performance, user satisfaction and application value while reducing operating costs.

Management challenges for these environments include:

  • Preventing users from slowing overall performance with poorly formed queries
  • Quickly identifying and fixing what is really causing performance bottlenecks
  • Finding out what data is really being used and valued by business users
  • Identifying compliance risks and violations
  • Aligning system and support resources to business objectives

Teleran’s Solution — Comprehensive Visibility and Control of the Entire Environment

Teleran offers innovative solutions uniquely designed to address the growing challenges of managing analytical, BI, data warehouse and big data environments. Teleran’s patented software suite provides a complete and automated management model that monitors, analyzes, alerts and acts to ensure these business-critical analytical and BI applications deliver the performance and business value management expects, all within budget.

Teleran’s patented software products provide comprehensive awareness and real-time management of analytical user behavior, application activity, and database usage. They complement system level monitors and database utilities, bridging the gap between managing dynamic business users and applications and monitoring underlying database and system resources. With Teleran, you can now cost-effectively manage analytical, BI, data warehouse and big data environments to deliver the greatest value from your company’s investments in people, information, and infrastructure.


  • Ensures analytical, BI, data warehouse and big data service levels and performance
  • Protects system from inappropriate queries that impact business performance, compliance and productivity
  • Minimizes staff support costs with automated user controls
  • Improves BI self-service and business user productivity
  • Reduces system resource costs
  • Aligns system and support resources to business objectives

Teleran’s products monitor, analyze, alert and act in real time to ensure that your analytical, BI, data warehouse and big data environments deliver the performance, productivity and value your business users demand.

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and Control Solution

Improving Data Warehouse Performance Case Study

The commercial finance division of a diversified Fortune 10 company developed an affinity credit card data warehouse application to serve their marketing and risk departments. The system rapidly grew into a mission-critical application that supported both internal groups and external customers — affinity credit card issuers who receive analyses from the data warehouse as part of their service contract.

Ultimately, over 600 business analysts ran increasingly large and complex queries against the data warehouse. These queries degraded performance, impacting user productivity and slowing customer access to their affinity card business reports. The data warehouse data refresh processes were suffering from performance problems as well, reducing availability for all users. Given these problems, the company decided they needed to assess overall system usage and capacity to determine if they needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure. However, the company had no way of analyzing actual user query behavior or assessing its impact on system performance and resource consumption. The company also had no way of controlling suspected inefficient or inappropriate query behavior.


Streamlining IBM DB2 Enterprise Data Warehouse Case Study

This diversified financial services company had grown its brokerage business through two recent acquisitions. As a result of the mergers, the company's IT organization had to consolidate a variety of systems and applications within a short period of time. Their newly consolidated enterprise data warehouse, operating on the IBM DB2 platform, was now supporting a range of functions in the company. Because they are responsible for revenue generation, the brokers are one of the most critical groups using the data warehouse. They access the data warehouse to review customer portfolios, analyze trading activity, and research customer inquiries, among other things.