Teleran Customer Support

Managing Business-Critical Applications through High Quality Customer Support

At Teleran we recognize that the success of your business-critical applications depends not only on strong software, infrastructure and staff, but also on high quality and timely service and support. Because your environments are complex and mission-critical, at times issues can arise as your infrastructure and processes adapt to changing business requirements. At those times your organization can rely on Teleran Customer Support. 

Teleran Customer Support provides:

  • Well engineered, comprehensive tailored to fit your needs
  • Consistent and reliable support processes that you can expect every time you need them
  • Rapid turnaround on critical issues and delivery of fixes to ensure you meet your application and project objectives on time

Providing Comprehensive Support to Meet Your Needs

Teleran Customer Support provides well engineered, comprehensive support programs tailored to fit your needs. All support levels include:

  • Ability to raise cases at any time
  • Periodic maintenance releases when they are generally available
  • Major product releases with your currently licensed modules
  • Patches or bug fixes on critical production issues

Teleran Standard Support 

The Standard support level is aimed at applications of Teleran products that need access to conventional and reliable technical support to ensure return on your Teleran software investment. This includes business hours support in addition to traditional break/fix support and maintenance.

Teleran also offers a range of services to ensure your success:

  • Remote Installation/Upgrade
    This service provides short term assistance in implementing patches and/or product upgrades. It includes detailed review of plan, thorough review of fixes and features, and consultation as needed during the upgrade process. Benefits include technical assistance drawn from our support staffs’ experience, lower risk of implementing system changes and knowledge transfer.
  • Critical Activity Support
    This option is focused on support during a critical activity within your environment. It helps mitigate risks during periods of change. Whether you are moving a few applications from test to production or migrating or upgrading a whole environment, this service is designed to help. Teleran Support works with your team to ensure we fully understand your project objectives, risks and plan and help you execute to meet your objectives.
  • Helpdesk Staff Training
    As Teleran products become the standard for application management in many organizations, customers are developing their own centers of excellence or shared services helpdesks. To support the success of these organizations, Teleran has developed a program to pass knowledge from our own skilled and experienced support engineers to yours through web-based or on-site training.

Extended Support

This level of support is designed to meet the demands of the most mission-critical applications and complex business requirements. It delivers a proactive service option that goes beyond conventional support. Key components of the Mission Critical support level include support hours beyond the Standard level if required, a designated support account manager and engineering team. The support account manager is knowledgeable about your business and systems and works towards your overall success and satisfaction. The support engineering team is an off-site extension of your team and is adept at applying their technical skills to solve your problems.