Services & Support

Teleran’s ManageNet™ managed services offering is designed for those organizations that will benefit from Teleran’s solutions, but do not have the time for training staff or managing one more project. ManageNet services enable you to spend less time managing software and more time ensuring that you and your staff meet business demands. In short, we deliver Teleran solutions value without you doing the work.

Teleran offers a full range of professional services to help you maximize the value of Teleran Solutions in your environment. Our services are based on our proven implementation methodology developed from our experience in hundreds of successful Teleran projects.

Teleran supplies an extensive curriculum of education courses to ensure your success with the Teleran Solutions. We offer a wide variety of training environments to meet your needs, including instructor-led courses on-site at your location and Web-based training classes. In addition, Teleran Professional Certification can help you advance your career with proof that you have the knowledge and skills needed to meet today's complex application management challenges.

Teleran is committed to providing high-quality, timely customer service and technical support. Our support center offers support and communication via email, telephone, or the Internet.