Why Teleran

Hunting through log files. Using homegrown tools. Working with "stovepipe" legacy application, database and system monitoring tools. None of these approaches are ready to handle the challenges of:

  • Increasing numbers of analytical users and BI applications in complex data warehouse and fast growing big data environments
  • Constantly changing analytical queries and ad hoc analyses
  • Rogue users who launch performance-killing or nonsensical queries
  • Huge and rapidly expanding data volumes
  • Fewer staff to support more users, departments, BI applications and databases
  • Rising system and support costs in these resource  and support intensive environments

Teleran is different. We offer:

Broad and Deep Visibility Uniquely Focused on Analytical Environments

  1. Complete picture of activity across your user, application, transaction and database layers for comprehensive performance root cause analysis and compliance auditing
  2. Unified metrics that close the management gap between business, application and database support staff
  3. Business context feature enabling you to correlate system use to business objectives
  4. Profiling of analytical processes to identify high impact business analysis

Complete and Automated Management Process: Monitor, Analyze, Alert and Act

  1. Automated monitoring of key dimensions of analytical, BI and data warehouse environments
  2. Sophisticated analytic modules, management dashboards and visualizations
  3. Standard and customizable alerting of events and conditions
  4. Automated user/query problem prevention

Intelligent and Adaptive

  1. Auto-discovery of your analytical, BI, data warehouse and big data environments
  2. Analytics adjusts to your unique baselines and trends
  3. Patented policy action engine adapts to changing usage patterns
  4. Alerts based on actual baseline performance and deviations

Flexible Unobtrusive Architecture

  1. Unobtrusive network-based architecture consumes no database cycles
  2. Fast installation and configuration
  3. Support for highly distributed multi-node data warehouse and big data sites
  4. Flexibility and scalability across conventional, cloud and virtual environments