iSight Analytics™

Analyze & Alert
Delivering Actionable Management Insight

Teleran’s iSight Analytics gives you dramatic visibility and insight into how your analytics, BI and data warehouse environments are used and perform for the business. It transforms the comprehensive usage metrics captured by iSight into actionable information, leveraging a fast in-memory business intelligence engine for dashboards, analysis, reporting and alerting. Providing a series of ready-to-go management modules, iSight Analytics offers comprehensive visibility, analysis and real-time alerting that enable you to manage and improve performance, compliance, analytical process, and consolidations.

iSight Analytics delivers management-level dashboards that highlight overall risks, exceptions, trends and performance indicators compared to baselines and SLAs. It identifies and alerts you to performance and productivity inhibitors and immediately pinpoints poorly performing or inappropriate activities, whether they are caused by applications, users, queries, data refresh or other maintenance processes.

iSight Analytics facilitates your decision-making with four easy-to-use and robust solution modules that address your key management areas:

  • Performance and Service Level Management 
  • Compliance Auditing, Alerting and Reporting 
  • Usage and Process Optimization 
  • Consolidation Acceleration 


Key iSight Analytics Capabilities

  • Out-of-the-box analytics and alerts deliver complete analytical, BI, data warehouse and big data visibility
  • Targeted to IT executives, information management, data warehouse and BI support staff
  • Fast analytics and reporting using embedded in-memory BI technology
  • Dashboards with key performance indicators (KPIs) for both IT and business stakeholders
  • High level exception reporting, drill to detail, and alerts enabling quick diagnosis and problem resolution
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface supports ad hoc analysis and reporting

With iSight Analytics, it’s all about delivering the insight you need to manage the health and value of your business-critical applications.

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