Comprehensive Actionable Metrics to Manage Your Analytical, BI, Data Warehouse and Big Data Environments

iSight empowers information, application and data warehouse management and staff to gain visibility on how all users and applications are interacting with the data. The goal: to quickly pinpoint performance issues, compliance conscerns, user problems, and application inefficiencies that get in the way of IT delivering what the business expects.

Because iSight focuses on users and applications as well as database activity, it highlights problems in the overall environment not visible via database-only oriented utilities or application specific monitors. iSight employs network-based usage capture methods that do not put any overhead on the database or introduce transaction latency.

Comprehensive and Continuous

In analytical, BI, data warehouse and big data environments almost every transaction is different. You can’t just periodically sample database activity and get a useful picture of what’s happening in order to manage performance or thoroughly audit for compliance. iSight captures each and every transaction continuously across key dimensions of analytical, BI and data warehouse environments. These dimensions include:

  • Who the actual application users are
  • The users’ organizational context
  • BI applications used
  • Specific BI semantic layers used
  • BI report names
  • SQL queries launched by the application including DML such as inserts, updates and deletes
  • Data objects accessed
  • Query performance and result set metrics

Tracking User Identity

It’s also critical to know who the business users really are to identify who is generating bad queries, who is accessing sensitive data or who may be using an unauthorized application. But, most applications mask the user identity to the database. So if you are just monitoring at the database, you can’t determine who is doing what. iSight’s Identity Persistence feature associates the named business user with the actual query that gets processed by the database. It ensures that the user’s identity is not lost, a critical requirement for optimizing performance, addressing compliance mandates and managing business users.

BI Integration

It is not only important identify and track business user activity. It is also critical to understand how users are interacting with the BI tools they are using, and putting that together with what is happening at the data layer. iSight captures what BI tools are being used, what BI semantic layer is generating the actual SQL query (such as SAP BusinessObjects Universe, IBM Cognos Framework or Microstrategy Project), and the specific BI report name (ex. Northeast Region Sales Report). Now you have visibility across users, applications and database activity to quickly identify where performance issues really lie and who within IT should take immediate action to resolve them: information management, DBAs or application support staff.

Business Context - Putting it Into a Business Perspective

Another key feature, iSight Business Context, identifies the user’s organizational context such as role, business unit, location and department. Identity Persistence coupled with Business Context enables both IT and business management to manage resources and budgets to specific organizational objectives, justifying and allocating the right resources, support staff and new investments to the most critical business activities and processes.

Key iSight Capabilities

  • Follow user sessions from start to finish, maintaining persistent understanding of who the business user is
  • Pinpoint user performance and productivity problems
  • Uncover resource-consuming errors in BI applications
  • Track compliance with mandated regulations and security policies
  • Justify analytical, BI, and data warehouse budgets in the context of specific business unit objectives
  • Allocate the right resources to the most critical business analyses and processes
  • Reduce costs by identifying and off-loading “dormant” or unused data

With iSight you get the power to quickly pinpoint performance issues, user problems and application inefficiencies that enable you to deliver optimal performance, productivity and regulatory compliance to the business.

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Merrill Lynch

The Private Clients division at Merrill Lynch needed to ensure its business-intelligence applications could perform under heavy loads to meet critical strategic goals. Merrill Lynch called on Teleran to help make sure they did.

Guided by iSight, Merrill Lynch

  • Continues to meet or exceed service-level requirements
  • Maintains consistent average query response times, even as query volume has more than doubled.
  • Predicts future information needs
  • Prioritizes application development and maintenance projects.

"With iSight, we are better equipped to meet business objectives by delivering the appropriate data in the right way."

First vice president of global data management Merrill Lynch