Managing Business Users and Queries in Real-Time

Automatic problem prevention is critical to sustaining the performance, compliance, cost control and user satisfaction you need to deliver.

No matter how much planning and support goes into analytical, BI, data warehouses and other dynamic application environments, business users unknowingly and inevitably issue inappropriate or "runaway" queries that degrade performance, deliver inaccurate results, or breach compliance policies.

iGuard, a user/query policy action engine, prevents users from launching these resource wasting or inappropriate queries. If a user’s query is stopped by an iGuard policy, a customizable message is instantaneously sent to the business user to guide him or her on ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their query. iGuard action policies, in conjunction with user messages, dynamically “tune” and manage users, improving their productivity while minimizing help desk calls, system resource waste and IT support costs.

Database error: ORA-12408: [TT] Joining Customer and Premium tables produces huge result set.  Add WHERE clause and run your query again.

iGuard operates in conjunction with iSight on the network. It automatically applies activated query control and user management policies via its patented high speed policy engine. This highly efficient, small memory foot-print process evaluates queries in milliseconds and introduces no material latency. It protects the system from performance degrading or inappropriate queries and guides users to improve quality and efficiency of their analysis.

iGuard policies are easy to customize and apply with Teleran’s patented policy wizard. Designed for information managers, compliance staff or application support staff, iGuard’s SQL policy wizard enables you to apply over 60 different policies by user, user group, application, database objects or groups of objects, and time period.

Here are some sample iGuard user messages:

“Joining ‘Customer’ and ‘Premium’ tables will produce large result set. Add a ‘where’ clause and try again.”
Improves query performance, user productivity and system efficiency

“Joining ‘Sales’ and ‘Product Component’ tables will produce incorrect results. Join tables ‘Sales’ and ‘Order Details’.”
Instantly guides users from making mistakes

“You are not authorized to access individual patient data due to PHI and HIPAA compliance regulations.”
Automatically enforces data compliance while informing users

 “The Inventory table is being updated. It will be available at again at 8:00 a.m.”
Effectively manages users during system maintenance processes

Key iGuard Capabilities

  • Stop Cartesian joins and runaway queries
  • Establish comprehensive policies that block unauthorized access
  • Prevent execution of queries that will return enormous data sets
  • Guide users instantaneously to be more effective and efficient
  • Define clear and meaningful error messages to help users improve and correct usage
  • Monitor policy actions and effectiveness

The result is optimal interaction between users, applications and databases.  All elements interact optimally, so you can deliver the levels of application performance, quality and protection your users and business management depend on.

Download iGuard Product Data Sheet

JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase Consumer Credit group develops and markets the bank’s consumer credit products. JPMorgan Chase uses iSight and iGuard to help them better support and accelerate their customer profitability and direct-marketing campaign analyses.

With iGuard, JPMorgan Chase Consumer Credit:

  • Monitors and manages the rapidly growing data warehouse to better understand and quickly meet the business demands of users
  • Maintains warehouse performances as user queries change, the number of users increases and data volume expands
  • Minimizes effects of poorly structured queries to maintain high availability and performance.
"With the bank's growth plans and its management focus on realizing data warehouse business benefits, Teleran is a must-have element of our data warehouse implementation strategy."

Harvey Berger, VP, National Consumer Services
JP Chase Morgan