So What Is Teleran?

Teleran is a unique solution specifically designed for the growing challenges of managing analytical, BI, data warehouse and big data environments. These environments have many moving parts, unpredictable usage and are prone to user-driven performance problems and errors.

We can help support teams manage these complex challenges while being very easy to install and use.

Analytics, business intelligence (BI), data warehouse and now big data applications are now critical to your company’s success. They put analytical power and open access to information right into the hands of business people, enabling them to make faster and better business decisions. But, these environments are tough to manage. They are subject to unpredictable usage patterns, changing user demands, and inevitable user-created query problems that degrade performance, diminish productivity, and violate compliance regulations. This dynamic use makes it almost impossible to ensure performance, user satisfaction, and positive business impact while minimizing support and system costs.

This is where Teleran’s Visibility and Control Software comes in.

Teleran offers innovative solutions uniquely designed to address the growing challenges of managing analytical, BI, data warehouse and big data environments. Teleran’s patented software suite provides a complete and automated management model that monitors, analyzes, alerts and acts to ensure these business-critical analytical and BI applications deliver the performance and business value management expects, within the tight budgets we all live with today.

Teleran’s products provide comprehensive awareness and real-time management of analytical user behavior, application activity, and database usage. They complement system level monitors and database utilities, bridging the gap between managing dynamic business users and applications and monitoring underlying database and system resources. With Teleran, you can now cost-effectively manage analytical, BI, data warehouse and big data environments to deliver the greatest value from your company’s investments in people, information, and infrastructure.


Teleran’s iSight monitor gives you a 360-degree view of user, application and database interactions. Unlike database or system-level monitors, Teleran provides an unobtrusive business and technical view of user, application, transaction and database activity. This context is critical to managing performance and compliance while at the same time optimizing how the business is using the applications and data to get their jobs done. At a time when IT budgets and investment decisions are driven more and more by how applications deliver real value to the business, iSight offers the insight you need.

Analyze & Alert 

iSight Analytics provides state-of-the-art dashboards, analyses, reports and alerts that give you comprehensive  insight into your analytical, BI, data warehouse and big data environments. It analyzes the holistic usage data captured by iSight and converts it into high value, actionable management information and alerts. iSight Analytics delivers pre-built analytical modules that enable you to immediately identify and address problems that impact performance, business analysis, compliance, cost and resource efficiency.


iGuard enables you to dynamically manage BI and analytical application users and queries with its patented policy action engine. The iGuard engine acts in milliseconds, automatically preventing problems from inappropriate and unpredictable user queries that would degrade performance, violate compliance policies, reduce user productivity or drive up system and support costs. When iGuard stops a user’s bad query from reaching the database, it simultaneously sends a message to the user helping them be more effective and efficient.  iGuard both optimizes business productivity and performance while lowering IT system and staff costs.

Together, Teleran’s products allow IT organizations to monitor, analyze, alert and act in real time to ensure business-critical applications meet today’s dynamic business demands. 

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