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Time To Govern Your Data

"Over the past 12 months, new processes have been developed to comply with stepped-up regulatory demands. An important part of that response has been data-governance programs, which put processes in place to ensure the consistent definition, quality, security, usage and management of data.

Like any other management program, data governance needs a strategy and well-defined processes. Managing the process of data integration will require an investment in master data management (MDM) technologies or techniques. Tools such as Teleran's application usage management software will be needed to secure and audit the MDM initiative."

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Teleran Delivers Market Leading Application Usage Management on Sun Solaris 10

"Teleran's support of the Solaris 10 OS enhances our customers' ability to automatically manage both application performance and application users in real-time across the enterprise," said Stephen Borcich, vice president of Partner Marketing, Sun Microsystems. "The combination of the Solaris 10 OS on both SPARC and Opteron and Teleran usage management controls will ensure extreme performance, scalability and cost efficiency of our customers' production applications."

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Teleran Announces Performance Management Extension for BusinessObjects XI 

"Teleran's patented real-time usage management software suite delivers real-time usage controls and a usage audit facility specifically designed to work with BusinessObjects applications that enable companies to meet their service level demands while reducing the overall cost of supporting these expanding user numbers.

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Teleran Announces SOX Compliance Solution

"To comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Section 404 regulations, organizations must now apply compliance policy audit and enforcement disciplines to both financial information systems as well as the underlying business intelligence and analytical applications that impact those systems. Teleran's patented application usage auditing and management controls, provide a comprehensive and proven solution that addresses these mandatory requirements." 



Texas agency tracks Web usage
"The Texas Education Agency uses Teleran iSight to monitor and audit public Internet use of TEA information. The software helps officials document what information is important to constituents as well as determine what data has little value. It also monitors how well the system is performing and assists information technology staff in diagnosing and correcting performance bottlenecks."

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U.S. Army to Improve Recruiting with Teleran
"The U.S. Army Recruiting Command developed the Army Recruiting Information Service (ARIS) Data Warehouse to measure and improve the effectiveness of the U.S. Army recruiting process. iSight data usage monitoring from Teleran Technologies was selected to audit all recruiters' interaction with the ARIS data warehouse."

"If you are looking for an innovative and flexible data warehouse administration and management system, Teleran offers capabilities and features simply not available elsewhere."

"Teleran’s system is an unmatched tool for dynamic query management. It provides analysis information, structural recommendations, and proactive query controls previously only dreamt of."

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"Teleran’s suite of monitoring and performance management products provides a clear growth path- beyond just monitoring- as a data warehouse grows in size and complexity."